Mallapuram MP Abdul Wahab lashes out at Maneka Gandhi

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Abdul Wahab, Member of Parliament from Mallapuram in Kerala has written a scathing letter to BJP leader and Member of Parliament from Sultanpur Maneka Gandhi and lashed out at her for stereotyping his constituency as a region being prominent to the killing of elephants. The BJP MP from Sultanpur had earlier associated Mallapuram with animal killing in the context of a recent death of an Elephant. However, soon after her tweet viral, she was reminded by netizens that the elephant did not die in Mallapuram but in Palakkad district.

Here are five components of the story
  • In the letter addressed to BJP MP, Abdul Wahab invited her to come to Mallapuram to understand the culture of the district.
  • Wahab also reminded her of the history of the place in the context of Indian freedom struggle and its association with freedom fighters like Veliyankode Umar Khansi who organized civil disobedience against the Britishers here much before Mahatma Gandhi.
  • He further reminded Maneka Gandhi of people like Mampuram Thangal, Variyankunnath and Ali Musliyar who also fought the British apart from it being a birthplace of poets like Melpathoor Narayana and Moyinkutty Vaidiyar.
  • Taking a jibe a Manekas comment on the district being cruel to animals, Wahab wrote that the district had an abundance of mountains and forests where wildlife is adequately protected.
  • He advised Maneka to read history to understand Mallapuram better before stroking hatred against the Muslim majority district on pretext of it being cruel to animals.
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